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what’s my ecozone???

No doubt, the planet is acting up – hot in one region, cold in the other; floods in one area, drought in the other.

Al Gore and his caravan are spreading the news of global warming and globally warning us that we need to heed his call to be aware of what we are doing to the planet. He will be on the Oprah Show Tuesday, 5 November.

I am grateful that Mr Gore has taken on global warming for the benefit of the planet.

We know that there are mountains, plains/valleys, forests, deserts, land surrounded by water, urban conglomerates – different ecozones in which people reside.

But what many of us usually understand about global warming is that it mainly refers to urban living, urban life. But since this is a shared planet, we need also to know we each contribute to the degradation of ,or sustainability of, the condition of the other ecozones? How are they sustaining our lifestyles? Or affecting our livelihoods? And how are we affecting theirs?

When we look at the global nature of warming as relates to lives, lifestyles and livelihoods, we might begin to realize how intricately intertwined we all are.


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  1. Note from The Editor, Muriella’s Corner

    A recent visit to a friend prompted me to revisit this article on water. She is suffering from an inflammatory disease and was told to drink lots of water. She buys bottled water at $10.00 a case of 35, and at times drinks 3-4 bottles a day, which means that in 9 days she has to repurchase. In a month, she has already spent about $40.00 on bottled water for drinking. In a year she will have spent $480.00, and could, if the bottles are not recycled, produce 140 plastic bottles a month as garbage, or 1,680 plastic bottles a year.

    For families who buy bottled water, consideration should be given to buying a water filter and a shower filter. In addition to the health effects(drink, cook, shower with filtered water) and the economic gain over time, we would not be contributed to polluting the environment with plastic.

    If we stop and think for a moment, we would realise that our being on automatic pilot could affect our health, finances and our environment.

    Get a filter or be a filter!!!

    Muriella’s Corner is committed to contributing to the global efforts of reducing the effects of global warming.

    We ask readers to start an awareness-raising campaign on non-biodegradable plastics.

    The first effort is to become aware ourselves of the amount of plastics we use that contribute to the pollution of the planet (e.g. plastic bags and grocery shopping, bottled water in plastic bottles, plastic hangers … When we become aware, we can decide what, if anything to do about it, and do something.


  2. So important that everyone makes their efforts to reduce their environmental impact or ‘carbon footprint’, rural or urban. Meanwhile the US & Europe argue over how to tackle climate change (global warming). The debate rages on the blogisphere;


  3. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 !!!

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