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Letter to The O’Reilly Factor 

Mr O’Reilly:

The universe finally sent you the formula for your show – through the powerful, passionate debate of professionals last night with you and Geraldo Rivera.

I have been following your show for a number of years and you never fail to induce a reaction(positive or negative) to the discussions.  The main reason for my reactions, usually more negative than positive, is that there never seems to be a level playing field.  It is your way or the highway – you even cut mikes off (not too much recently).  But you never seem to appreciate fully another point of view and allow it to be expressed.

Both of you are right – depending on the way the viewers believe about the issue; the truth is somewhere in the middle

For me, therefore, both of you were champions.of the topic, as you both passionately and professionally delivered your views. Your review of the disucssion with Rosie also showed that when people are given the chance to ventilate, it really is better for the viewers.

Great theatre!  Perhaps you might want to have a “two-sided fight” over a hot button topic each week or each month or whatever.

O’Reilly vs O’Donnell – next?


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