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Format for comments for documentary of ordinary, courageous women who are also celebrities dealing with breast cancer  to be presented to Larry King or Dr Sanjay Gupta or the Oprah Show.

Further to the earlier article on celebrities who are also ordinary women dealing with breast cancer  (https://muriella.wordpress.com/2007/04/17/ordinary-women-healing-from-breast-cancer/) it seems that a lot of buzz has been created – see article on Conversations about Cancer in Muriella’s Corner free online newsletter (http://snipurl.com/1gtej)

Ordinary women not only are fighting breast cancer, but they are dealing with life which throws them quite a few lemons re cancer  (no insurance, no social supports, no information on choices…)

Please provide comments/testimonials here. 

 Muriella’s Corner would like all of you ordinary, courageous women who are celebrities in your own right to provide testimonials for our project , all of you who are dealing with cancer from diagnosis to healing to transformation or whatever your pathways are.

Muriella’s Corner would like to invite you from wherever you are, in addition to you who are on Word Press blogs on cancer to begin to contribute to the project.  The aim is to collect your stories and testimonials and provide them to Larry King or Dr Sanjay Gupta of CNN or to the Oprah Show. We need to create another face of cancer which people never see and could only imagine, faces of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.Our suggestions on submitting the comments follow:

  • Your name or pseudonym ( somewhat like a userid which portrays feeling or location in dealing with the disease like – scaredoutofmyunderwear or onwardandupward or notochemotherapy or feelingmightygoodaboutmyself… but with real name hidden so that we can identify you to participate in the event)
  • Year of diagnosis
  • Time of diagnosis (morning, noon, evening)
  • Place of diagnosis
  • Immediate reaction ( e.g. shock, why me, sky becoming very dark, cold hands, cold feet, wet hands, wet feet, sweaty, heart palpitations, crying out loud, crying silently, were you alone, with friend(s), with family…)
  • What followed (decision to talk about it , decision not to talk about it, curse my husband, curse my children, curse the pets, pray, nervous laughter…)
  • How did you manage the sequential process*(handed everything over to the doctor, ran scared out of the room,  bawled, went to a bar and drank, had somber thoughts of suicide, went to a church/temple/mosque and prayed…)

*The sequential process is what followed after your initial reaction and the decisions you made or the decisions that were made for you.  This is really where the meat of the information comes to the fore:

  • Decision to have mastectomy/lumpectomy/other/do nothing
  • Decision to have chemotherapy/radiation/other/do nothing
  • Decision to decide later what decisions to take
  • Any pressure felt and from where (without, within…)
  • Feelings after decision made
  • Roadblocks along the decision pathway (complications of other diseases hidden, fright/fear all the way, weight loss, weight gain, depression, calm, seeing the light, recognizing that there is more to do and more to life…)

Submit information to customerservice@clik-n-shoppe.com

Any other comments would be welcome

We look forward to hearing from you.

To your continued health and wellbeing

Muriella’s Corner

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  1. […] my earlier blog on ordinary women are celebrities dealing breast cancer I called on women with breast cancer to join us in making a documentary. Please let us have your […]

  2. Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work

  3. fiona walker said:

    i got cancer 5 years ago i wanted to ask if someone can help me get a clander set up with famous women to raise money

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