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Very Interactive Sedentary Type Algorithm – VISTA 

 In between blogs about breast cancer, bottled water, et al… I feel compelled to share with readers a new technology for stress relief.  It is called Vista – The Very Interactive Sedentary Type Algorithm.

I have changed from eXtreme Pressure – XP to the Very Interactive Sedentary Type Algorithm and found the following consequences, which are unintended, I believe.

For starters eXtreme Pressure – XP – increased my stress levels whenever I was confronted with a static cursor or with frequent freeze frames without knowing what was going on.  XP brought eXtreme Pressure tobear such that I really could not handle being on the computer.  I screamed at everyone who was not there, and at the IT professionals who were there.

Luckily for my health and wellbeing, I was offered an exchange from eXtreme Pressure to the Very Intensive Sedentary Type Algorithm – VISTA – and  lo and behold, calm prevailed.  Vista signals me when to stretch, when to take a break, helps me to increase my skills at being patient, helps me to control the urge of lashing out at the computer as finally, I understand what the pauses signify through the circular, colorful cursor mesmerising me when the screen is still. With Vista, when nothing seems to be happening , I know now that something is happening.

In addition, Vista is very respectful as it always asks permission before engaging in an activity. This interaction is key to its success, as far as I am concerned.  Now, instead of being angry at the computer, as under eXtreme Pressure, I am engaged in a Very Interactive Sedentary Tpe Algorithm which is the stress reliever for my operating system – my immune system, my health.  It might in the long run reduce cholesterol, rebuild damaged DNA, lower blood pressure, increase calmness and make me much calmer and more serene, more spiritual.

Vista – the Very Interactive Sedentary Type Alogorithm – works well in a deadline-free environment. I have been using the technology for about 2 weeks now – let us see…Hello Mac?


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