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Soon water will no longer mean life in Iraq 

The Euphrates River is one of the most important rivers in the world.  It has now become polluted due to war and oil spillage, and as such does not provide quality drinking water to the people of the area, especially the children and disadvantaged of war-torn Iraq.

Construction of dams, hydroelectric power plants affect water quantity for domestic usage;  high salt intrusion as a result of leaching of chemicals upstream affect the quality of drinking water.

But the single most important factor contributing to drinking water quality and quantity in Iraq is the impact of the war.  Women and children have to search for and carry whatever water they find home for their families’ use, a dangerous undertaking for water which is usually polluted.

The United Nations Children’s Fund is providing trucks with potable drinking to neighborhoods through which they could navigate. 

One of the urgent public works tasks just after the overthrow of the regime was to secure potable drinking water, but security issues overtook drinking water and has left the population with lack of water, and if there is access, polluted drinking water.

The summer months are approaching and with it diarrhoea and dehydration.  There has never been more urgency for clean, potable, drinking water for the children of Iraq.

We should find ways to help in this cause.


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