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The Forgiveness Factor

The”F” Word

Forgive! Forgive!

There is an “F” word which seems difficult to tackle, even pronounce.  It produces lots of bile, toxins, etc., yet we ignore it to our peril, at times for aeons. 
We detoxify our bodies, cleanse our colons,  flex our muscles and stretch our bodies, minds and spirit, yet, somehow
we continue to avoid anything that has to do with that “F” word.

We quote the masters by rote – Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela – three people in my era who had very good reasons not, repeat not, to forgive.
But forgive they did.

Join the Forgiveness Project and make the world a better place –

To be strong – forgive;
To forgive – give love
To love – be exemplary
To be exemplary – Live, Love and Forgive

The Oprah Show, 30 May, 2007, Forgiveness in Action,  motivated me to write this today.  Her “sheroes” were victims, severely wounded, one shot in the head who had to relearn life and living; the other legless (both legs gone) from the terrorist bomb in London.

If they can forgive, we all can too.


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