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Melting Ice – Theme for World Environment Day, 2007

Inherent in the theme for World Environment Day this year is water.  Melting Ice signifies More Water.

Ice plays an essential and critical role in shaping our planet’s environment – there is sea ice, there are glaciers, ice caps, and snow; ice reflects some of the sun’s heat and cools the planet.

 Disappearing ice is dangerous to the planet as, the warmer the earth, the more ice melts; disappearing ice gives a warning message and predicts global warming.

Sea ice nourishes the flora and fauna in that ecozone (polar bears, seals,  eskimo environments)

Melting polar ice can devastate people’s lives beyond the artic zone, especially small island states. coastal erosion, flooding during storms, permanent inundation.  

Norway is the  featured country to celebrate World Environment Day this year when they will  proclaim the beginning of International Polar Year.

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