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Sugar Is:  Sickness Under the Guise of Attractive Recipes

Sugar – Sickness Under the Guise of Attractive Recipes (TM)
When we understand the meaning of the acronym in sugar, we will begin to pay attention to what we consume.

On becoming a Sugar Detective

Of the estimated 1,500 pounds of food eaten in America every year, 160 pounds are primarily sugar.

Sugar, like salt, is an acquired taste, and we love it.  But of all the things we consume, it has the least nutritious of food additives. In fact, except for the energy in its calories, there’s not much to recommend about sugar. Full of empty calories, increases rather than reduces weight, the contradictory nature of sugar should help us determine whether it should really be a significant part of our diet.
Did you know that over 10 teaspoons of sugar are in a 12-oz can of soda? If you saw someone ladling 10 teaspoons of sugar into their morning coffee, you’d think they were crazy, but that’s how much people consume in a typical 12-ounce can.

And over 53 teaspoons of sugar  in a 64-ounce fountain drink that you’d get at a movie theater or a convenience store, you get —almost two cups of sugar!
Note that four grams equals one teaspoon. So when you check out the label, divide the grams of sugar by four, and that’s how many teaspoons you’re consuming. You might think twice if you calculate this way.
Sugar, by any other name, would taste just as sweet even though another strategy the sugar pushers use to get us to consume more calories is to rename the offending ingredient – we  stay away from sugar, but how about molasses, honey, sorghum, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, glucose, fructose, lactose, dextrose, sucrose, galactose, maltose, or concentrated juices like grape or apple?

The sugar chain has workers whose lives can be affected while processing the sugarcane to provide us with sugar.  Just recently five workers at the Rarawai Sugar Mill in Ba, Fiji were burnt by hot sugar cane juice.

Sugar is an important base material for ethanol.  Perhaps the less we consume, the more we can support the manufacturing of ethanol, making production allotments more available to serve the ethanol-as-energy-seeking countries like India, China, and the United States, to name a big few.

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Source:  millionairebody.com; Joe Wilkes

Definition and History of Sugar 

sug·ar (shʊgər) pronunciation

  1. A sweet crystalline or powdered substance, white when pure, consisting of sucrose obtained mainly from sugar cane and sugar beets and used in many foods, drinks, and medicines to improve their taste. Also called table sugar.
  2. Any of a class of water-soluble crystalline carbohydrates, including sucrose and lactose, having a characteristically sweet taste and classified as monosaccharides, disaccharides, and trisaccharides.
  3. A unit, such as a lump or cube, in which sugar is dispensed or taken.
  4. Slang. Sweetheart. Used as a term of endearment.

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