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 More products recalled from China – Big Bird, Elmo, latest products cited.

NPR.org, August 2, 2007 · Toys based on Sesame Street characters Big Bird and Elmo have joined Thomas the Tank Engine in a U.S. recall of “Made in China” products Thursday as Beijing pledged to work with Washington to improve product safety. 

Lead paint on popular brand of Toys

More than 1.5 million toy trains under the brand of Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Toys were found to have been manufactured with paint containing high amounts of lead, enough for them to be recalled.

This is the latest in contaminated products manufactured in China.

Is it now time for consumers to begin using safe as a lead criterion over price when purchasing products? Is it now time for consumers to really become savvy enough to question the content of the products before they commit to buying them, especially when young immune systems might be compromised?

Learn the signs of lead poisoning  click here.

Read more of the latest recall here


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