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Inflammation – What we should know and do about it

 Inflammation is the body’s basic response to injury. Almost like triggers during the fight or flight syndrome, when we are physically hurt, the body uses inflammation to trigger a sequence of complicated, interrelated events work to defend the body, ultimately bringing plasma proteins and phagocytes (white blood cells that engulf and consume foreign material and debris) to the injured area for the purpose of initiating tissue repair.

In some diseases, the inflammatory process can be triggered even when there are no foreign invaders.

In autoimmune diseases, the body’s normally protective immune system damages its own tissues, as it erroneously recognizes self as foreign, and normal as abnormal.
Here’s where, and in what form, untreated or chronic inflammation can strike: 
BRAIN Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis
EYES   conjunctivitis

SINUSES   sinusitis


GUMS  periodontal disease
 LUNGS asthma, bronchitis
COLON   colitis
INTESTINE Crohn’s disease

VAGINA vaginitis

NOSE  rhinitis

THROAT Laryngitis  Acid Reflux

HEART, ARTERIES, VEINS  vasculitis, atherosclerosis, heart disease
JOINTS  arthritis
PANCREAS diabetes

STOMACH  gastritis

KIDNEYS  lupus

HIP  bursitis

SKIN  psoriasis

TENDONS tendonitis…

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Comments on: "Inflammation – Know your “itis”" (4)

  1. I have been diagnosed with De generative discs in my lumbar spine and I was told It was bursitis of the hip that caused me pain….. still 6 months down the line the bursitis hasn’t improved and my hands ache severally especially near my thumb and when i use my hands frequently they burn and ache and become inflamed. My shoulders are on and off like a frozen shoulder like toothache? I have had several blood tests for rhuematoid arthritis etc but as it was the test for anemia showed positive, however I haven’t got anemia it is inflammation in my blood and the doctor wasn’t clear about this she said an average person reading is 15 but mine was 21????? I have an under active thyroid on 175mcg per day. I am waiting to see a pain clinic but have to wait 11 weeks!!!!

  2. I truly understand – had bursitis myself. Sending you a sample newsletter on inflammation and pain. Hope you feel better – muriella

  3. Alzheimer


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