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 More breaking news – FDA recall of millions of tubes of toothpaste with diethlylene glycol and made in China, today 28 June 2007 

28 June 2007

Breaking News – The FDA is considering pulling several brands of toothpaste made in China because they contain a chemical that could be dangerous to health 


Researchers from the Environmental Working Group list the products and ingredients you should avoid , and mascara is among them. 

Know what is in your cosmetics  

Because of loopholes in federal law, companies can put virtually any ingredient into personal care products; moreover, pre-market safety tests are not required for any of them.

WATCH OUT for terms like organic, natural and hypoallergenic. Read the fine print and check the ingredients.

LAY OFF the fluoridated toothpaste. Little kids eat toothpaste, and fluoride consumption has been linked to bone cancer in boys. There’s a reason for the poison control warning on fluoridated toothpaste, so wait until they’re at least six before giving it to them. BRUSH WITH SOAP instead
HOW ABOUT added fragrances – can cause allergic reactions, and products that claim to be “fragrance free” often contain masking fragrances that give off a neutral odor. Check the label to be sure.

LIGHTEN UP on dark hair dyes. Many contain coal tar ingredients that have been linked to cancer.

REMOVE the nail polish, especially if you’re pregnant. It’s a product that routinely contains ingredients linked to birth defects and other problems. If you do use it, always paint nails in a well-ventilated area.

Click here for more information and to check to see what is in your product.

 There is another side to this information.  The American Council on Science and Health  ranked this among the top 10 unfounded scares of 2004.  It is now 2007 and the information still persists that chemicals are in cosmetics at levels which can be injurious to health. Read more here

Source:  Environmental Working Group; American Council on Science and Health, Muriella’s Corner online newsletter


Comments on: "Chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products" (3)

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  2. Nice blog, I think you have written this article very well, you bring up some solid information. Thank you for sharing this information with me I really do appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing what else this blog has to offer. =) TY for taking so much time working on such a great blog.

  3. I’ve used Lash Blast mascara for two weeks. During that two weeks i started having problems with my eyes.
    My vision started decreasing rapidly. I had my contacts in and I was seeing like they were not in. I went to the doctor and they said the surface of my eyes looked like sandpaper. I didn’t fugure it out until a few days after I had went to the Dr. and my eyes felt worse. I then realized that I had been using the mascara the exact same amount of time that my eyes were acting up. I washed it all of my eyes and they felt better immediately. With discontinued use my eyes have gotten better over a period of three weeks. But that $7.00 tube of mascara has caused me a boat load of money. Over a thousand dollars. Between Drs. visits time off work., mentally damaging. I really felt like I was going blind. My point is that I would like to know if anyone else has had simmilar issues. I feel that the company needs to pull the product immediately and held accountable.

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