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Although chronic inflammation is a rarely discussed condition, it is, in fact, often the underlying cause of most major diseases.

Inflammation is your immune system’s response to an “insult”­an injury, like a pulled muscle or a cut-or an “intruder,” such as an allergen, bacteria, virus, or chemical irritant. Your immune system reacts by releasing white blood cells and chemicals into
the bloodstream, which infiltrate your tissues, causing inflammatory trademarks: redness, heat, swel­ling, and pain. Here’s where, and in what form, untreated or chronic inflammation can strike:
BRAIN Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis

EYES conjunctivitis

SINUSES sinusitis

FACE acne

GUMS periodontal disease

LUNGS asthma, bronchitis

COLON colitis

INTESTINE Crohn’s disease

VAGINA vaginitis

NOSE rhinitis

THROAT Laryngitis Acid Reflux

vasculitis, atherosclerosis, heart disease

JOINTS arthritis

PANCREAS diabetes

STOMACH gastritis


HIP bursitis

SKIN psoriasis

TENDONS tendonitis

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