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The biofuel debate

Biofuels vs food – what is the farmer’s choice

Biofuels are liquid fuels made from biomass (plants and trees), and include biodiesel for trucks or generators and ethanol for cars or cooking. With all the buzz surrounding global warming, energy efficiency, more and more attention is placed on the use of biomass for generating fuel without leaving many carbon footprints.

This debate is interesting and almost academic to those discussing, but the farmer out in the far-flung rural area has to choose between changing his ratio of crops to lean more toward biofuels to the detriment of crops for nutrition.

One voice is already shouting foul, claiming that using crops to produce biofuels and replace the high cost of imported petrol is a “crime against humanity”, as he fears that more hunger will be the end result and not economic gain. The dash to cash (converting foodstuff such as maize and sugar into fuel) can create a disastrous outcome – using arable land for fuel and not for food as well

He called for a five-year ban on the practice.

Is the Moringa Plant a healthy and economic alternative?

More to come…


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  1. I’ve Been Using Biofuel The Whole Time!

    Bio means life. Hence biofuels are fuels made from living material such as corn or switchgrass. But wait a minute! The gas I pump into my car is made by refining crude oil. Where does oil come from? vegetation! So the gas I pump into my car is biofuel….

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