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Master the Act of Giving

Giving thanks is so simple, yet so difficult for many of us.

Reasons abound as to why we can give thanks every day, if we choose to do so. However, what might and usually interferes with our giving is the issue of receiving. We might not want to give if the other person does not receive with grace, does not acknowledge us, does not thank us, and so on.

We become personally attached to what is done with the gift, when received, when used, and, if the receiver does not use the gift according to our specifications, we react by getting angry, by deciding not to give to that person any longer, by making a decision to stop giving. We become reactive and lose our grip on why we gave in the first place. Now we can master the act of our giving by using a little known technique, which is the secret to giving.

Giving is an act, which has a beginning, a middle and an end.

And that is it! Simple and straightforward!

What happens in reality, however, is that most of us attach ourselves to what happens beyond the act of giving and get involved with the behaviour of the person receiving the gift. Even though we say that we do not want anything back when we give, which translates to another gift, another tangible, we really mean that we would like to be appreciated for having given; we would like that our gift be used in a way that would give it the value we placed on the gift, we would like to control the intangible.

The beginning of the Act of Giving
•relates to the motivation, the feeling, the drive to give

The middle of the Act of Giving
•relates to having something to give, something tangible (a product/service, money) or intangible ( a smile, a nod of appreciation, a hello…) and someone to whom to give it

The end of the Act of Giving
•relates to the handing over of the tangible or intangible to the person receiving the gift, without awaiting or needing any reaction from that person, the receiver.

Here, no doubt, is where most of the contention lies. But, if we can give without being attached to the outcome of the gift, there would be more giving in the world, and more receiving as well.

When we receive a gift, we do what we feel is the right thing by acknowledging the giver. However, not all receivers acknowledge the giver. Knowing the secret and implementing the secret to the act of giving, we would become better at giving, better at receiving an ultimately better at giving thanks.

When we are open to receiving all the good surrounding us and when we become better givers through secret processes in the act of giving, we become more adept at giving thanks meaningfully. We will then begin to find many areas of our lives in which to give thanks.

Source: Emgee Books



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