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Chemicals from personal care products stay in water systems

A recent report of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, is suggesting that more research be done on the potential for chemicals commonly used in personal care products to remain in the water system, which may prove hazardous for both the environment and human health.

Of note, current waste water systems are neither designed for nor technologically equipped to pull from sewage systems the more than 100,000 man made chemicals in every day use which are disposed into these systems around the world.

“It is likely, even probably definite that very many chemicals and their intermediary degradation products, are entering most rivers continuously” write the authors.

Muriella’s Corner Blog reported on lead in lipsticks
and in toys and other products.

See Muriella’s Corner on the Chemicalization of the American Breakfast

Read more here on chemicals in water supply


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  3. […] See the chemicalization of the American Breakfast and the effects of cosmetics in our water supply […]

  4. The water pollution problem in the US is out of control. Forget the crises in the gulf, with all the flooding that’s been going on all over the country, sewer waste, farming waste, which includes hormones that are fed to cattle, and factory contaminants are poisoning ground water, wells and rivers.

    At this point, I wish it were a few body care products.

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