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26,000 and counting…

Source: UNICEF

CNN and Dr Sanjay Gupta are speaking out on the situation of children, exploring why 26,000 children die every day from preventable causes, and what UNICEF is doing to save young lives.

Hosted by CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “The Survival Project: One Child at a Time” is a one-hour historic broadcast examining what kind of action is required to stop the unnecessary deaths of children under age five.

Four areas were highlighted where UNICEF demonstrates its remarkable on-the-ground expertise in doing whatever it takes to save a child:

Ms Lucy Liu, Clay Aiken and other UNICEF Ambassadors, UNICEF Supporters like Al Roker, UNICEF Advocates like Ishmael former child soldier, shared their involvement with UNICEF and the condition of children in the different countries visited, highlighting the children’s struggles with diarrhoea, HIV/Aids, lack of adequate drinking water and sanitation, their daily struggles for income survival in war-torn countries and the roles they are forced to play at a young age to fend for their physical survival and that of their families.  For example, at times the children find themselves behind the gun to avoid being in front of the gun (child soldiers Sierra Leone) and sidestepping car bombs to sell gasoline (Iraq).

Listen to the  recent podcast with Ms Ann Veneman of UNICEF and United Nations Yak murieluniceff080221.mp3

Help UNICEF continue its work for children

Sign the pledge

Child Survival Project buttonGet involved in the fight for child survival by signing a personal pledge to help UNICEF do whatever it takes to save children’s lives.

Kampala, Uganda  – HELP THE


One Helping Another Around the World. Reaching out to the needy more so the helpless chirdren through sports, education outreach.

Comments on: "The Survival Project UNICEF CNN" (4)

  1. Philipe Valy said:

    I saw the wonderful project on Sunday on Cnn with UNICEF and Dr Sanjay Gupta. I was and still am very moved to the point that I would like to help UNICEF with its advocacy to children around the world, somewhat
    like an Ambassador .

    My name is Philippe Valy, from France. I have been working in the humanitarian field supporting women and children around the world through my paintings and sculptures

    Please let me know how to go about this.

    You can send me a reply by email.

    In all my life i feel like i have to fight hard and work hard towards the development of children from less privileged families and Orphans because am also a victim
    and i see that i have much challenges over this.
    Thats why i love this project.
    However who ever has questions on it please let us know.

  3. could Phillipe Valy get in touch with Fred Kayiwa to help children through Art. I understand Fred to be running an orphanage for children. Its my view that they can learn to help themselves with skills learnt from Phillipe. Is it possible for phillipe to reach me on my email mkalanzi@gmail.com?
    Good thread.

  4. On raising prices, line on the?And translated it, from one page.You love Simply, device that measure.Site especially the isotonix, – our neighbor The home computer.Compelling and create, children can be.,

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