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Change the Narrative, Reach for Dialogue

Muriella’s Corner is now on Blog Talk Radio with the theme of Change the Narrative – Reach for Dialogue and Create a Better World

Whatever the content of our narrative we should be conscious and cognizant of the effect of our words on our listeners. This is essentially true of the Electronic Media as we look to them for a honest detail of the news. What we get most of the times, and this might be due to the 24x7x365 nature of cable news, is an increasing call to fear, anxiety, tension, conflict, anger…

Say No to Drugs has led to the War on Drugs, there is a War on Poverty or a Fight Against Poverty, a war on HIV/Aids waged 20 years ago – and since these declarations there have been more drugs, more people in poverty, Aids is spreading… and notwithstanding the War on Terror – established in 2001 after 911, which in turn has given birth to more terror and wars – (more 911s in different capitals, now Mumbai).

This was driven home clearly in the reporting and breaking news on the Mumbai event. What started out as information on what was happening, escalated within days to blaming Pakistan, even though no police/detective work began.  See photos below.

Mumbai horror


Demonstration in Mumbai

Following last week’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, thousands took part in a demonstration, some chanting anti-Pakistan slogans.

The fact that many of the youth owned a Pakistani passport was enough to drive anger towards the Pakistani Government, who initially was also shocked at the news of the event and was willing to support India in finding the perpetrators.

Judgment was escalating towards the involvement of Pakistan, so much so that a prank was played on the Pakistani Government through a fake call toPakistan supposedly from India

“Pakistan went into a state of high alert last weekend after President Asif Ali Zardari received a threatening phone call made by someone who said he was Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

Islamabad, Dec.6 : Pakistan went into a state of ‘high alert’ last weekend after President Asif Ali ZardariPranab Mukherjeereceived a threatening phone call made by someone who said he was Indian External Affairs Minister Read more

We gather our news from international stalwarts like CNN and BBC radio and TV.  Even here the journalists began hypothesing, and concluding categorically, with certitude, that Pakistan must be involved, so much so that some of those being interviewed, like Sree Sreenavasan of Columbia University, asked that some concern be given to judging or inferring that there was involvement of the Pakistani Government.

Change the narrative, reach for dialogue will be the continuing theme for future segments of Muriella’s Corner on Blog Talk Radio.  We will examine narratives/content on health issues, development issues, cultural issues – issues which could be affected negative by the way the story is relayed or developed.

Listen to the Launch of Muriella’s Corner on BlogTalkRadio

Muriella’s Corner – Change the narrative, reach for dialogue


Muriella’s Corner


Muriella's Corner

Read our blog for information on the upcoming segment on 13 December at 8 am ET, where you will hear how this call is also being made from the boardroom to the pulpit.
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