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The Last Butt

Immortalizing Your Last Butt

Quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing debt – three of the most popular resolutions of 2009. Among the celebrities wanting to quit smoking are Whoopi Goldberg, Cameron Diaz (to stop smoking, start wearing a bra, stop shopping) and none other than President Elect Obama who is making a gigantic effort to stop smoking. He even promised America, on a recent episode of Meet the Press, that he will not smoke in the White House – See Press Release on this

We had the honor of talking on Blog Talk Radio with Philippe Valy, creator of the Last Butt Movement, who is committed to helping the President-elect stop smoking. Listen to Philippe Valy talk about his efforts to quit smoking and how he has taken his effort to make a movement to support quitters –The Last Butt Movement

Philippe Valy on Quitting Smoking

Patrick, you are inspiring and a beacon of hope in sharing with us how you faced one, if not the, most important challenge life threw at you. Your strategy of Mind over Cancer is one to learn from – you continued your normal life, acting, dancing horseback riding, loving, sharing – while you were and are suffering from the internal ravages of this deadly disease. Moreover, you are clear in your choices of battles to fight, of where to place your energy. In response to your smoking habits, your answer was to the point – mind over cancer before mind over smoking. In other words, you are dealing totally with getting well from cancer,and will stop smoking, as you said, in a heartbeat when that happens.

Kudos Patrick, you deserve a Last Butt Award.


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  1. Patrick Swayze interview with Barbara Walters was very moving. He is a smoker and has decided to keep smoking while he deals intensively with the pancreatic cancer he is managing quite adeptly and powerfully. I salute him for his resolute spirit and for not letting the cancer stop him in his daily duties. Mind over Cancer is his motto. Thus I believe him when he says as soon as I conquer the cancer, I will stop smoking in a heartbeat.

    Patrick, You deserve a Last Butt award and honorable mention

    and don’t give hope ,yes you deserve a LAST BUTT AWARD!! from MY LAST BUTT MOVEMENT .
    Creator of the international movement

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