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Miracles on the Hudson and in the White House

We thought that this coming week, on 20 January, we will see an event never before thought of as possible – the inauguration of the first Black president in the United States. Barack Husein Obama will take the oath of office that day, a day when history will be made, when the predictions of those gone before will come to pass – I have a Dream…will have been realised.= the Miracle in the White House.

But a miracle was to have been realized as a precursor to the Miracle in the White House – the Miracle on the Hudson, when a plane, not a bird, landed on water and people were saved on wings and prayers, thanks to the skill of the pilots, yes there were two, one seen and one unseen.

The effect of these historical and miraculous moments will forever change the course of the United States, as going forward, young children will no longer have a ceiling to stop them from accomplishing anything, whatever their color. Pilots, presidents, whatever…it is possible in this country.

The narrative is changing in America – the new President will be reaching for dialogue, reaching out so that others can join in the debate whether they voted for him or not, for, as he says, this is our America, and each of us has the right to share and voice our opinions, to disagree without being disagreeable.

One narrative that President Obama will be changing is the narrative on smoking. He has promised to stop smoking when he assumes the presidence. The Last Butt Founder, Mr Philippe Valy is ready to assist him in this momentous task by giving him the First Last Butt Award, an award to the highest office in the land, an award which reminds all of us that no matter what the stature or race or position held, each of us grapples at some time or the other with a challenge. Stopping smoking is the challenge facing the 44th President.

This month on Change the Narrative we are looking into resolutions made in the New Year on Smoking.


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