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Bail out your mind

Making the Mind Matter

There is another aspect to the bail out jargon.

The phenomenal changes occurring are doing so outside of us. We should be astutely aware that these changes are happening outside of us and we have the responsibility to determine how we respond to them.

It is easy to say that we have choices…but it is difficult to tell someone who has just been laid off, or who has no health insurance, or who has just seen the 401k reduced to rubble, or whose pension is being affected, or…fill in the blanks.

There is a lot coming at us with blinding force and velocity, not only from what is happening at the individual level, but what the pundits and journalists are feeding into our minds, making us become more deeply affected and at a loss for what to do.

This is somewhat like a movie – we can determine if it is a horror movie, a serial docudrama, a thriller…we can decide what iit is. However, it could just be a movie that we did not pay to see, did not get paid to participate in, but which is occurring despite all of us.

Thus, if we do view the economy as a movie, we can begin to see that we do have choices, and the choices are entirely up to us.

To help us determine how to make these choices Muriella’s Corner is giving you this gift – one which we hope will guide your inner steering in the direction it should. Thus the bail out we should be concerned with is how do we bail our minds and thoughts away from all the negative, limitating, conversations hovering all around us.

Enjoy the gift…

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