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Are You Fesman?

FESMAN – the World Festival of Black Arts, is the brainchild of President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal. All roads lead to Dakar, Senegal from 1-14 December 2009.

Join the community the Fesman Group and become a part of the energy of FESMAN online…Share your articles, videos, blogs, and participate in the discussions.

Listen to the Jamaican support for Fesman here

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Sleep and the Stimulus

The Bail Out and my zzzzzzzzzzzzzsss

Citigroup bailout: Citigroup lives on, the world can sleep.
Citigroup lives to fight another day. That’s the good news in the government’s mega bailout. The provision of yet more government capital – plus a guarantee for a $306bn “bad bank” – should do the trick of restoring confidence. That’s important not just for Citi, whose share price fell by a fearsome 60% last week, but for all financial markets.

Source The Telegraph, UK…

How is your sleep being affected by all the stimulae (stimuluses??) in the environment – the bail outs, the budget, the banking challenges, AIG, Made-Off, Sir Sleeze, the bleat of the journalists and the politicians, blahblahblah…

We thought we’d remind you of the necessity of sleep and of paying attention to your zzzzzzzzzzzzzs – very important for your brain and health.

PS – Before you sleep, however, watch this video – two people who can keep you up at night for different reasons…

The Editor

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Amazing Grace

This spiritual never ceases to amaze with its depth of feeling evoked when heard and when sung.

I received these two renditions of Amazing Grace on the same day from two different sources and felt inclined to share it with all of you.

These videos below bring home the depth of feeling and history surrounding the spiritual – Amazing Grace with Black Notes

and the range of feeling from Il Divo Click on the link and


Update on Last Butt Award for President Obama

President-Elect and First Family to receive First Annual Award for his efforts to stop smoking. This prestigious award, created by famous French artist/painter, Philippe Valy, will be bestowed upon President Elect Barack Obama at a date to be announced.

It will be the First Annual Last Butt Awards to be given to selected public officials and celebrities to reward them for making giant efforts to stop smoking as they grapple with the challenges of their office or industry.

The Poet-in-Residence of the Last Butt Society, Emgee, has written a poem depicting the then Senator Obama’s struggles with smoking during the campaign and what could be his sentiments upon receiving the Award. Since the offer in December and the publication of the poem “Ode to the Wagon”, the poet in residence has updated the poem here.

Read Press Release Here

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