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Sleep and the Stimulus

The Bail Out and my zzzzzzzzzzzzzsss

Citigroup bailout: Citigroup lives on, the world can sleep.
Citigroup lives to fight another day. That’s the good news in the government’s mega bailout. The provision of yet more government capital – plus a guarantee for a $306bn “bad bank” – should do the trick of restoring confidence. That’s important not just for Citi, whose share price fell by a fearsome 60% last week, but for all financial markets.

Source The Telegraph, UK…

How is your sleep being affected by all the stimulae (stimuluses??) in the environment – the bail outs, the budget, the banking challenges, AIG, Made-Off, Sir Sleeze, the bleat of the journalists and the politicians, blahblahblah…

We thought we’d remind you of the necessity of sleep and of paying attention to your zzzzzzzzzzzzzs – very important for your brain and health.

PS – Before you sleep, however, watch this video – two people who can keep you up at night for different reasons…

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