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“If you would be happy for a lifetime, grow Chrysanthemums.” (a Chinese philosopher)

We have updated the information provided earlier Mums for Malaria and added the nutrition component through the production of Moringa to the production of Chrysanthemums to provide nutrition and a source of income to enfeebled populations in malaria-stricken areas.

Mums and Moringa for Malaria Movement – chrysanthemums provide the herbicide repellent to keep away mosquitos; moringa provides the nutritional supplementation necessary for those ill with the disease. In malaria-producing communities, we will be growing chrysanthemums and moringa and partnering with pyrethrum producing companies for distribution, training and ecommerce at local levels – using locally produced herbicide as mosquito repellent to complement treated bednets, as well as essential oils from the chrysanthemum and moringa to support local people make some money while protecting the environment, helping eradicate the scourge of malaria and helping improve nutritional status of young children at the same time.

for more on Moringa visit Moringa Partners


Comments on: "Mums and Moringa for Malaria" (9)

  1. Please mention the dose of moringa which is effective against malaria in malarial patients and which part of moringa is offering to patients for feeding i.e. leaves, seeds, kernels, stem part, roots.

  2. Mam, i am already a member of Muriella corner,

  3. Karina Napier.Anderson said:

    I am a Peace Corps volunteer working with Moringa in Benin, West Africa. I am extremely interested in learning more and becoming a member of the Moringa Partners forum. I see that I need to be invited to become a member. My email address is kna726@gmail.com.
    I look forward to it!
    Thank you!
    Karina Napier.Anderson

  4. Will anybody like to tell me what dose of moringa should be given to malarial pateints and in which form.

  5. I have been drinking moringa for almost 2 years now. It is in a drink called Zija. Zija contains an efficacious proprietary blend of 30grams of all 5 major constituents of Morina oleirera plant.
    I have not come across any other way of consuming moringa in its pure state. It has changed my life and I will be consuming Zija for the rest of my life!! If you would like to try it go to zijaporvida.com and there you can order it.
    Best of luck, Myra

  6. Merci pour ” Mums for malaria”. Tu es une infatiguable.

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