Where Tag Surfers Relate

We live in a world, and at a time, when the world can see and know what is happening in our backsyard, even in our home.

There is a great deal of pent up anger and emotional outbursts in people around the world, aimed at each other (as in Nigeria, Sudan, Congo etc); or at the authorities/ governments (Thailand, Krygzstan, USA…)

What is totally overlooked is the fact that there are children who are caught up in these “struggles”, most of them hate-filled and violent. Children are caught up in these activities as unwilling paticipants on the one hand as well as, depending on their age, as partakers who act out what their parents/adults do or what they are told to do.

We all know how youth from other countries participate in modelling adults (child soldiers, suicide bombers…)

One of the environments in which children act out the “lessons” learned from their parents or adults is school. In the USA, there is a growing number of bullying in schools. Why do some kids become bullies and have/take the liberty to act it out against their classmates in a “safe” environment.

If we are concerned about the impact of our actions on future generations, we have look beyond the conflicts (and rising debt levels) and to how they affect future generations of leaders. What kind of world will their actions create?


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