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From: Rahul Nag
London, England 
Dear Friend, My name is Rahul Nag. I am a former problem drinker who managed against all the odds to overcome his problem drinking forever. 

I am going to explain to you the amazing events which happened to me and the effects heavy alcohol drinking were having on me and most importantly how I managed to turn my life around. 

Hopefully some of this will also be able to inspire you to do the same if you are in a similar situation to me. I will also share some of the secrets to overcoming your issues with alcohol forever. 

I will then tell you about how I designed an exciting and easy to use solution to help you achieve the same amazing results I did. 

My Problems with Alcohol

My first memory with drinking was as a 17 year old sneaking into a local pub and not really enjoying half a Carlsberg bitter. I have to say I found the taste and the drink disgusting and wondered what all the fuss about drinking was. 

However, of course that didn’t stop me and just like all my friends and everyone at college, I started drinking regularly or whenever I went out. That was the thing to do. 

I did the standard thing of getting drunk with my friends once I moved to University in London. 

Everyone expected it and I was happy to continue with this because despite it all, it was fun and I didn’t want to seem something which I feared I was, namely boring!  Drink was basically something I did almost every evening as you have much more free time at University. 

A few years later, when I started my work career in management consultancy, I worked for a company with a very strong drinking culture. 

Drink was the connecting factor between all levels in the company and there was very strong informal pressure to go out after work and connect with everyone and the team over a few beers. 

Other events such as wine tastings, lunches with mentors etc. inevitably involved a lot of alcohol. 

We used to drink every Friday evening with clockwork regularity and often mid-week plus at company events and other times, whenever there was the opportunity it seemed. The work could also get quite stressful and have long hours so the alcohol was a welcome relief from the pressure. 

I drank mainly because this is what I expected to do when I went out whether at work or on the weekends and there didn’t seem to be any other sensible options.  It was also fun and enjoyable. <!–


The Negative Effects Of Alcohol On Me

In the summer of 2001 I was made redundant from my company due to the recession at the time. 

So suddenly I didn’t have a job and had the whole week free with no requirements to go to bed early. I started to drink heavily two or three times per week and not just once or twice as I would have done before. 

And I was starting to meet more people – so more chances to go out drinking. I had just started doing weekly acting classes in an adult education college and after the class, we would all go to a pub and drink.  When I was out with them, there was this very strong German lager in a funny, long Bavarian style glass which I used to love. 

I would always start with one glass but never know my limit. That was my problem. I was never a huge drinker but I didn’t know when to stop and when I was becoming drunk. 

I guess I was getting addicted to the feelings the alcohol was giving me and becoming more confident and outgoing when I drank more. 

Also, feeling good and connecting with other people was great. Initially, the problem for me was the next morning. 

Waking up feeling really sick and wasting the whole day. The problems started when one day a week became two or three days a week. And when I looked forward to these days more than any other until I experienced: 

The Most Humiliating Night of My Life

I was on the top deck of a Night Bus in London feeling really sick after a very heavy night of drinking when I knew I was going to throw up. 

I raced as fast as I could to get off the bus and throw up outside, not caring about where I was. I was desperate not to be sick in the bus because I had always been disgusted by seeing the frequent sights of people puking and being sick everywhere I went in London. 

However, I just couldn’t do it! The doors took too long and I threw up on the bus. It was disgusting. I was sick all over the exit doors in the middle of the bus. I can still remember one woman looking at me in shock and disgust and I almost threw myself off the bus. 

The rest of the evening and getting home was as much of an ordeal as throwing up. 

The next day when I reflected on all of this, I realised I had gone too far. 

I had done something I thought I would never do. I am sure this may not be much of an earth shattering event to you but we all have our limits, we all do things with alcohol which is over the line and shames us… 

…and throwing up on that bus was that point for me. 

The Day I Gave Up Alcohol Forever

That was the point when my life changed forever. I had woken up in the early afternoon (I still wasn’t working every day) 

My head was throbbing, I felt really bad, I could hardly move without feeling bad and my mouth and throat were dry. I was no good to do anything at that point. Then something stirred inside of me! Without any fanfare, without any premeditated action or planning, I made the spontaneous decision to never drink alcohol again! 

I couldn’t believe it. It was like it just happened. I wasn’t thinking about it. In my mind I had pictures of all the incidents which had happened to me over the last few weeks as I started to drink a lot more. All the pain, all the humiliating embarrassments and all the waste of time and money – basically of life. 

That day without knowing it, I applied a powerful visualisation technique which can change lives in seconds. I will tell you more about this technique in a moment but for now, there I was with a life changing decision and completely not expecting.

The Benefits Of Me Giving Up Alcohol

I now absolutely love the feeling of having a clear head and mind in the morning. No more wasted days and taking ever longer times to recover from the night before. 

Taking responsibility for my moods and not having to rely on alcohol as a crutch – especially the fear that things were going to get worse if I continued drinking. 

I knew the longer I kept relying on alcohol the harder it would be to get off it and the more it would become an addiction. To be free from it was great. 

I feel much healthier and have more energy than ever before. I also love the clear teeth rather than the wine stains I see on other peoples’ teeth when they have been drinking. 

Plus the feeling of going out and feeling crystal clear and sharp and still able to enjoy myself. I have gone out now so many times without drinking that I no longer miss it and it would be strange for me to drink. My reality has completely changed in a way I never thought possible. Being able to give up alcohol helped me more than I could have imagined. 

That is my story. So what about you? 

What is your situation with alcohol?

Are you like I was and are just an occasional drinker who suddenly finds themselves drinking more and more? 

Or are you someone who drinks at home on their own in order to relax or because you feel lonely? You might have a very stressful job and need a glass or even a bottle of wine at the end of the day to help you destress. 

Or like me again, you might have no job or have very stressful economic times so are turning to the ‘good old friend’ that whisky, cider, beer, wine or whatever your favourite drink is, provides. 

What is it for you? 

Are you a mother who looks forward to the drink when the children are in bed and you can finally have some me time. Or are you just bored with your life and so turn to the drink to give you some freedom from those repetitive, restrictive feelings. Or you might be none of the above. 

Whatever your situation is, take a look at the following categories of problem drinker and see if you fit into them.

Which group of alcohol drinker do you fall into?
Have a look through these categories and see where you fit:
Depressed drinker Your life is in a state of crisis, e.g. recently bereaved, divorced or in a financial crisis. Alcohol is a comforter and a form of self-medication to help you cope
Destress drinker You have a pressurised job or stressful home-life leading you to have feelings of being out of control and burdened with responsibility.You use alcohol to relax, unwind and calm down and to help with switching between your work and your personal life.

Partners often support or reinforce this behaviour by preparing drinks for you.

Re-bonding drinker You use alcohol as the ‘shared connector’ that unifies your friends and your social circle. You often forget the time and the amount of alcohol you are consuming.
Conformist drinker You use going to the pub or bar as what ‘men do’ and it is your second home and you have a sense of belonging and acceptance within this environment.
Community drinker You drink in fairly large social friendship groups. You have a sense of community forged through the pub group.Drinking for you provide a sense of safety and security and gives your life meaning and also acts as a social network with your friends.
Boredom drinker This is especially true if you are a single mother or recent divorcee with a restricted social life.Drinking is company, making for an absence of people. Drinking marks the end of the day perhaps following the completion of chores.
Macho drinker You often feel undervalued, disempowered and frustrated in important areas of your life.You have actively cultivated a strong alpha male identity that revolves around your drinking prowess.

Your drinking is driven by a constant need to assert your masculinity and status to yourself and others.

Hedonistic drinker You are single, divorced and/or with grown-up children.Drinking excessively is a way for you to visibly express your independence, freedom and ‘youthfulness’ to yourself. You use alcohol to release your inhibitions.

So, where did you fit into any of the above groups?

Isn’t it interesting that there could be so many different reasons why you are drinking too much?

The Solution I Developed To Help You

When I realised that there are many people out there just like me, people who have started to drink too much and rely on alcohol for whatever reason … 

… I realised that I have something to offer here. 

I could help people to become more aware of exactly what alcohol was doing to them and more importantly how they could change their relationship with alcohol forever. 

So, I started doing some research. I started out with two key questions: 

  • What were the problems people were having with alcohol
  • How could I help people start taking control of their drinking?


I do have a lot of experience with different personal development techniques and systems because I have attended many different types of courses, read books and so on over the years. It is a real passion of mine. 

Whilst some of this stuff is fantastic I found it just wasn’t answering the specific questions and problems that people had with alcohol. It also wouldn’t have helped me when I had problems with drinking. It was just too general. 

The other issue was to do with alcoholics. I was never an alcoholic and I get the impression that you might be in the same situation as I was. 

There simply wasn’t much information around for people who were just problem drinkers rather than full-blown alcoholics, although it may seem like you’re an alcoholic at times! 

The point is that I couldn’t find much relevant and targeted information. So what could I do? It looked like there simply was no way to help people overcome the same challenges I had. 

But then I had a vision. An idea. What if I could get together some experts – some people who actually treat people with alcohol addictions day in day out and get these experts to reveal to me exactly how they treat people with the kind of problems that you have? 

What if I could get them to tell me in such a way that I could create a course that …anyone reading and listening to the material could easily use to start to make changes to their levels of alcohol consumption..quickly and immediately? 

Instead of having complicated jargon or forcing people to go to AA meetings, I just wanted straightforward proven techniques and exercises… 

..that actually work!!! 

Powerful stuff which would get you to the heart of your alcohol problems, and help you live a happy, peaceful live without alcohol worries FOREVER! 

This was my vision. 



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  1. You are right. Not all drunks are made the same. And, not all heavy drinkers become alcoholic. Sometimes recovery programs forget that most people are not alcoholics.

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