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Muriella’s Corner – Whatever life throws at us, we blog about it

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Muriella's Corner blogs on life and life experiences - no matter whatever life throws at us, we blog about it -environment, health, wealth, spirit...as it impacts each of us daily.

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Cell phones and Cancer  

Moringa Miracle

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Education - what is the brand?

When we say Nike, we automatically see the swoosh or remember - JUST DO IT; when we say Olympics we see the rings...

When we say education - numerous images come to mind, but not one lasting image or affirmation.

The main sponsor of establishing an Academy Award for Education is committed to creating a Better World

United Nations and Global Affairs

Listen in on our podcast series of interviews on www.unitednationsyak.com with people who have been or still are engaged in humanitarian and development issues as well as interest in the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Goals (e.g CARE-USA, INTEL, UNESCO, UNICEF, THE Bangladesh Rural Action Committee...)

Header is Kaieteur Falls, Guyana - the world's largest single drop water falls measuring 741 feet. For comparison, Kaieteur is about five times taller than Niagara falls.

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Comments on: "Muriella’s Corner – Whatever life throws at us, we blog about it" (12)

  1. Great site Alfred…will get in touch with you

  2. Elfie Bonke said:

    The poem ‘Mother Earth Abused’ really touched me and I would very much like to post it, with a link to your site, on my Stumble Upon page. I would appreciate if you agreed, as more people should become aware of what is happening to Mother Earth.
    Thank you and keep up the good work to make people aware.
    Elfie Bonke, The Netherlands

    Thank you for your kind comments and please share.

  3. But what … is it good for? Engineer at the Advanced Computing Systems Division of IBM, 1968, commenting on the microchip.

  4. i read your article on pig’sfeet is it the same with cow’s feet it has no fat and lots of collagen or it’sdifferent because they are two different animals

    Reply – seems as they though cows’ feet also has collagen, but somehow in Asia pigs’ feet seem to be preferred.

  5. […] Muriella’s Corner – Whatever life throws at us, we blog about it […]

  6. […] Muriella’s Corner – Whatever life throws at us, we blog about it […]

  7. Lots of of guys talk about this issue but you wrote down some true words.

  8. Baqar Rizvi said:

    I need to talk to people, to find the best way to treat my wife suffering from cancer by using moringa. we have available three full grown trees of Moringa, with flowers and fruits, all, are available for treatment.
    Need advise and usage of different parts of this plant Moringa, Need help
    Best Regards

  9. We recently announced the creation of a children’s book, The Miracle of the Moringa, Hekaya Njiti Moringa. It is a project that has been in the works for over two years. It started as a story about how two children, with the help of an incredible tree, save the lives of everyone in their draught-stricken African village. First published in our book Garden Projects for the Classroom and other Learning Programs, we began hearing from teachers about how their students had made the story into a skit to teach others about Moringa. They urged us to make it into a stand-alone book, so more people could learn of the value of Moringa, how it can ease hunger and help provide safe drinking water.

    The artist, Miho Komatsu, a graduate student at the University of New Mexico. She is an incredibly gifted musician, and her artwork reflects her talent in other areas as well. She has completed 20 full color illustrations that have us even more excited about the book than before.

    We have launched a new fundraising project to make it possible to get this book into print and reach people where it can do the most good. The link below will take you to http://www.Kickstarter.com which is a unique site for funding creative endeavors. If you have an Amazon.com account, you can support this effort. Our goal for this is $3,500.00. The way this system works is that for every pledged amount beginning at $5, a reward is offered, and you become a Hunger Hero. The pledge is made on your Amazon account, but will not be charged until the full amount is reached in pledges within our deadline of 60 days. If the goal is reached or exceeded, you will receive your selected award and your Amazon account will be charged for your pledge.
    If the goal is not reached, your account will not be charged, and no rewards are sent; it is that easy.

    This is the Kickstarter project page for our book:

    Please share this message with your friends, places of worship, schools, youth groups, community organizations and individuals who are interested in both short term food relief and long term food security. In season, moringa leaves can give immediate food relief; they can also be dried and powdered for long term use. But every part of this plant has value, especially the seeds that purify water, and growing Moringa is an ideal micro-enterprise crop.

    We are looking for creative methods to get this book into libraries, schools, and the hands of the people working among the poor, hungry, malnourished and most in need around the world. We welcome your partnership as a Hunger Hero in meeting this goal.

    If you would like to know more about this, we are only an email or phone call away. Thanks for taking a look at this project, and we have included a few of the pictures that Miho has created for this story in an update on the Kickstarter page. She is truly a gift, and so are you. We look forward to working together with you to spread the word about moringa. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Peace,
    Tomi Jill Folk & Hank Bruce
    Hunger Grow Away
    860 Polaris Blvd SE
    Rio Rancho, NM 87124

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