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Chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products

 More breaking news – FDA recall of millions of tubes of toothpaste with diethlylene glycol and made in China, today 28 June 2007 

28 June 2007

Breaking News – The FDA is considering pulling several brands of toothpaste made in China because they contain a chemical that could be dangerous to health 


Researchers from the Environmental Working Group list the products and ingredients you should avoid , and mascara is among them. 

Know what is in your cosmetics  

Because of loopholes in federal law, companies can put virtually any ingredient into personal care products; moreover, pre-market safety tests are not required for any of them.

WATCH OUT for terms like organic, natural and hypoallergenic. Read the fine print and check the ingredients.

LAY OFF the fluoridated toothpaste. Little kids eat toothpaste, and fluoride consumption has been linked to bone cancer in boys. There’s a reason for the poison control warning on fluoridated toothpaste, so wait until they’re at least six before giving it to them. BRUSH WITH SOAP instead
HOW ABOUT added fragrances – can cause allergic reactions, and products that claim to be “fragrance free” often contain masking fragrances that give off a neutral odor. Check the label to be sure.

LIGHTEN UP on dark hair dyes. Many contain coal tar ingredients that have been linked to cancer.

REMOVE the nail polish, especially if you’re pregnant. It’s a product that routinely contains ingredients linked to birth defects and other problems. If you do use it, always paint nails in a well-ventilated area.

Click here for more information and to check to see what is in your product.

 There is another side to this information.  The American Council on Science and Health  ranked this among the top 10 unfounded scares of 2004.  It is now 2007 and the information still persists that chemicals are in cosmetics at levels which can be injurious to health. Read more here

Source:  Environmental Working Group; American Council on Science and Health, Muriella’s Corner online newsletter

Rocket Fuel in Breast Milk

Rocket fuel in water, milk and in breast milk

Yes, rocket fuel is in water, milk in breast milk. 

Before 2004, findings indicated the proposed standard of rocket fuel in milk in some states were too weak for healthy consumption of children and infants. The Environmental Working Group found high perchlorate levels (rocket fuel) in California supermarket milk in almost every sample tested — 31 out of 32 samples. Among the observations were that milk from some California cows may expose infants and children to higher levels of perchlorate than what the U.S. EPA deems safe.

At that time the danger seemed to reside in cow’s milk.

Fast forward to 2007, and the issue of perchlorate is still high on the health agenda, found in drinking water and also in breast milk.

EWG is now calling on EPA to set standards for Perchlorate across the nation. EWG’s data from scientists at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Boston University (BU) shows that infants are being exposed to dangerous levels of the rocket fuel component perchlorate.

The March 2007 report of the CDC/BU study, which examined breast milk from 49 Boston area women, found that the average infant in this study is being exposed to more than double the dose of perchlorate that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers safe; highly exposed babies are ingesting up to 10 times this amount.  Read More Here

What’s a consumer to do? 

Comparing formulasbreast milk, cow’s milk, soy milk

Nutritionally speaking, soy and cow’s milk formulas are similar. Both include vitamins A, D, E, and K. The main difference is in their protein and sugar make-up.

Cow’s milk is processed into formula by heating and other methods that make the animal proteins in the milk more digestible. Supplemental milk sugar (lactose) is added to mimic the higher sugar content of breast milk. Finally, the fat (butterfat) is removed and replaced with vegetable oils or animal fats, which are also easier to digest.

Soy formulas, which contain plant proteins and glucose or sucrose (rather than lactose), have changed greatly since they were first introduced. In the past, they included soy flour, which led to diarrhea, excess gas, and fussiness. Today, the formulas contain a soy protein isolate, which reduces the frequency of gastrointestinal problems.

The quality of protein in cow’s milk formulas is a bit better than that in soy, but neither type is as good as that in breast milk, says the AAP. And lactose-free cow’s milk formulations are now available for infants that are lactose intolerant.

Read more here

Water is Ice | Ice is Water

Melting Ice – Theme for World Environment Day, 2007

Inherent in the theme for World Environment Day this year is water.  Melting Ice signifies More Water.

Ice plays an essential and critical role in shaping our planet’s environment – there is sea ice, there are glaciers, ice caps, and snow; ice reflects some of the sun’s heat and cools the planet.

 Disappearing ice is dangerous to the planet as, the warmer the earth, the more ice melts; disappearing ice gives a warning message and predicts global warming.

Sea ice nourishes the flora and fauna in that ecozone (polar bears, seals,  eskimo environments)

Melting polar ice can devastate people’s lives beyond the artic zone, especially small island states. coastal erosion, flooding during storms, permanent inundation.  

Norway is the  featured country to celebrate World Environment Day this year when they will  proclaim the beginning of International Polar Year.

Read more here


Drinking Water and War

Soon water will no longer mean life in Iraq 

The Euphrates River is one of the most important rivers in the world.  It has now become polluted due to war and oil spillage, and as such does not provide quality drinking water to the people of the area, especially the children and disadvantaged of war-torn Iraq.

Construction of dams, hydroelectric power plants affect water quantity for domestic usage;  high salt intrusion as a result of leaching of chemicals upstream affect the quality of drinking water.

But the single most important factor contributing to drinking water quality and quantity in Iraq is the impact of the war.  Women and children have to search for and carry whatever water they find home for their families’ use, a dangerous undertaking for water which is usually polluted.

The United Nations Children’s Fund is providing trucks with potable drinking to neighborhoods through which they could navigate. 

One of the urgent public works tasks just after the overthrow of the regime was to secure potable drinking water, but security issues overtook drinking water and has left the population with lack of water, and if there is access, polluted drinking water.

The summer months are approaching and with it diarrhoea and dehydration.  There has never been more urgency for clean, potable, drinking water for the children of Iraq.

We should find ways to help in this cause.

Know what’s in your Bottled Water

What’s in your bottle of water?

Just in case you might want to know and investigate the quality of the water you just purchased in a bottle, The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has embarked on a study on the safety of bottled water.  EWG needs your help to build a label database.

Get the nearest bottle of water you have and begin by entering its UPC code (located on the label) below.

Go to http://www.ewg.org/issues/bottledwater/index.php and get more information.

 Water means Life – Save your Life, Save the Planet.

See also http://www.ewg.org/sites/tapwater/

Congress vs Scientist on Rocket Fuel in Tap Water

Tap water quality

EWG’s Anila Jacob, MD testified in the House about the dangerous effects that perchlorate, aka rocket fuel, could have on infants as a result of contaminated drinking water in many U.S. cities. When challenged by Illinois Congressman John Shimkus that the financial burden of cleaning up tap water would be too burdensome for corporate giants like Lockheed Martin, Dr. Jacob replied that Congress’s first concern ought to be the health of the nation’s children who are forced to drink rocket fuel in their tap water.

 Dr. Jacob appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America to explain the dangers of perchlorate turning up in our water supply. Watch the video clip here.

Music for the Environment – Green Music

Forest Music, Water Music

We honor our family from the various ecological zones (ecozones) who make up this planet, this one earth, in which we live and which we cherish so dearly.

Our family can be found in forests, deserts (and these members are usually of a nomadic nature, really cherishing the planet by moving and laying fallow the earth for regeneration and sustenance).  However, with the destruction of forests their lifestyle is being compromised.  Their songs and poetry tell their tale.

Some of our relatives live in mountainous regions, some on the plains, some on small island states, with many of them deserting their natural habitats, which are being devastated, and moving in droves to urban areas…also being influenced by overcrowing, overpopulation, lack of sustainable services…

We decided to share music from others living in the various ecozones

Pygmy music/forest music

The Pygmies are usually forest nomads who live in Central Africa, especially in Congo, Central African Republic and Cameroon. Music is an important part of Pygmy life, with performances taking place during their daily work or events. Music comes in many forms, including the spiritual likanos stories, singing and music played from a variety of instruments.

Water, our sine qua non

Water means life.  Without water there is no life.  Our bodies are made up of water ( 75 % of our bodies are composed of water; our brain is 85% water). It is water that energizes and activates the solid matter.

People carry out rituals with water and in water.  At times, they organize to collectively hug a body of water (lake, stream, river…) Much is being talked about the power of water and the potential influence of water and the thought process.  One researcher did water experiments where he played both hard rock and classical music to water samples. Then he froze them and examined the musical effects on the water’s molecules. The more beautiful the music, the more beautiful the shapes of the molecules.

Water is energy.  We are energy.  Connecting the two can make beautiful music, if we choose to see that water can be a friend and not an enemy; if we choose to use these energies to bring about peace and harmony.

Click here for information http://snipurl.com/1khkk

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