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No-Smoking Award for President-elect Obama

President elect Barack Obama slated to receive the first Annual Last Butt Award for his efforts to stop smoking.

This prestigious award, created by famous French artist/painter, Philippe Valy, will be bestowed upon President Elect Barack Obama at a date to be announced.
My Last Butt Logo
MY LAST BUTT… is an international association founded in 2008. Its purpose is to provide support to smokers wanting to quit smoking, to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of the cigarette by the means of any artistic event such as concerts, plays, street shows, sculptures, paintings or any other activity, preventive operations with miscellaneous establishments to also increase awareness among young people of the influence of cigarette on our lifestyle, without having to stigmatize, tax or stress the smokers. Many have joined the movement (http://www.myspace.com/mylastbutt), There are associations in the USA and in Europe.

The Board of Directors of the Last Butt Society is committed to providing a new approach to those smokers grappling with giving up smoking, as well as those who stop and start, like President-Elect Obama who admits to falling off the wagon a couple of times. As he said to Tom Brokaw during his interview on Meet the Press on Sunday 7 December 2008, “I have done a terrible job so far, however, I can assure you that there will be no smoking in the White House”.

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Clinton Global Initiative 2008

2008 ushers in the fourth annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI),  bringing together global leaders from business, government, academia, science, religion, and non-governmental organizations, including numerous heads of state, former heads of state, CEOs of multinational corporations and prominent philanthropists. CGI is a forum for participants to develop and then implement workable solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

UN  Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Bill Gates will join Queen Rania, Gordon Brown, Hamid Karzai, Al Gore, Barack Obama, John McCain, Michael Bloomberg, Lance Armstrong, Bono, Craig Barrett, and John Chambers as well many more leading CEOs and ver 50 Current and Former Heads of State

Clinton Global Initiative September 23th – 26th at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers

2008 will focus on Education, Energy and Climate Change, Global Health, and Poverty Alleviation

Some advance news of the first GGI commitment for 2008.
First 2008 CGI Commitment

Corporate Responsibility Program; Visa; CGI Commitment 2008

Visa Inc.’s commitment is the first of 2008, initiating a new program of Corporate Social Responsibility with three pillars:

First,  upholding the highest ethical business practices and responsible operations

Second,playing a role in improving the well-being of individuals around the world, by working with leading humanitarian aid organizations that have the expertise and mission to help individuals in vulnerable communities

Third, through a combination of their payments expertise and focused philanthropic efforts, addressing the long-term challenge of poverty.

To these ends, Visa Inc. will fund and build projects that empower individuals from vulnerable communities to improve their lives with access to formal banking systems and financial services, and aid in promoting entrepreneurship and small business development. In doing so, Visa Inc. is committed to providing financial literacy to at least 10 million people over the next five years.

More to follow…

Source:  http://www.cgi.org


Calypso for Obama

Calypsonian sings about Obama

The Mighty Sparrow (the Birdie), Calypso King of the World sings on happily in support of Barack Obama whom he endorsed in 2007.

“The respect of the world, which we now lack, if you want it back, then vote Barack,”

The song gives an exposé which takes the listener through Barack’s humble beginnings and his rise to the top. The sharp lyrics, which skillfully layer a rhythmic Caribbean melody, present Barack as a true family man, capable intellectual, effective grassroots leader and legislator, and a progressive Presidential candidate with a solid agenda for real comprehensive reforms in education, healthcare, economic development, and foreign policy.

“Barack! Barack! He is fighting for openness and honesty in government.
Barack – is doggedly defiant; phenomenal strength; and wisdom beyond comment,” Sparrow sings in the chorus.

The calypso single, titled Barack the Magnificent, is not yet available in record stores.
Francisco Slinger, better known as the Mighty Sparrow and, affectionately dubbed, The Birdie is the unrivaled Calypso King of the World, with a career that spans over 40 years and counting. This artist par excellence has earned his rightful place as “King of the Calypso World” by defeating every other competitor/pretender to his throne. He has entertained audiences across the globe, including, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, to name but a few. Read more here

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