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STAND UP! For eliminating poverty…

International Day for the Elimination of Poverty – A Stand Up Day!

Grassroots organizations like BRAC, Bangladesh and the Hip Hop Community through the Hip Hop Youth Summit Council are committed to eliminating poverty, to stand up and be counted.

from 5 pm on 16 October to 5 pm on 17 October…go to http://www.standagainstpoverty.org/ create an event, get involved, and get counted…

Hear Mr Charles Fisher’s podcast on the involvement of the hip hop community in the MDGs

Click here for interview    between A. Husain of the United Nations Development Programme and Mr F. Abed of BRAC, Bangladesh



Master P PSA Long Version


And click here for interview with Mr Fisher, Founder of HipHop Youth Summit Council on activities by the Hip Hop community for Stand Up.

Stand up for the elimination and eradication of poverty from the planet!

Your action of standing up, of standing for the elimination and eradication of poverty will add you as a supporter of this worldwide call for the billions on the planet to stand up for each other, stand for the eradication and elimination of poverty, that is, to blast the scourge of abject poverty off the face of the planet, and to subscribe to helping communities as they work towards the achievement of the millennium development goals (MDGs)

Watch the Video Here

Stand Up and Speak Out for the 1.1 billion people who live on less than $1 a day
Stand Up and Speak Out to make world leaders listen
Stand Up and be counted
Stand Up and be heard
Stand Up and Speak Out for the Millennium Development Goals

Stand up! Stand for! Be Counted!

Here are images of the MDGs as they are now – We can fill in the blanks with the images of what we want to see:

Get images of all eight goals here

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