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Aryuveda Oil Pulling Therapy

Oil pulling ancient aryuvedic treatment

When you think you’ve heard it all, something else comes into your universe.
This might be totally new to some of us, but it seems that it has been an aryuvedic practice for years. Ayurvedic guru Dr Deepak Chopra advises oil gargling “to purify the taste-buds and the entire system”.

Dr. F. Karach, M.D. presented a paper before oncologists and bacteriologists belonging to the Academy of Science of the USSR. In the paper, Dr. Karach explained an unusual simple healing process using cold-pressed oils.

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Source: oilpulling.com

Other uses of sesame oil (June 2008)

Bed Time Brush Up

Ayurveda recommends massaging the gums with sesame oil before going to bed to prevent or help receding gums. For a quick night time boost to your oral health, you could pour a little oil onto the bristles of an electric toothbrush and then massage around your gums and over the surface of your teeth. For maximum benefit don’t rinse afterwards, just leave the oil residue in your mouth to work while you rest. It’s not unpleasant and makes your mouth feel very clean.

Sesame oil works as a great natural lip salve too, dip your finger into a small amount and rub it gently into your lips morning and night to protect them from chapping.

While the oil’s out why not spend a couple more minutes really looking after yourself?

Sesame Oil De-stress Routine

To ease anxiety and improve sleep pour a little oil into the palm of your hand and massage into your forehead and temples. Rubbing warm sesame oil into the area between your eyebrows in slow gentle circles is particularly good for calming your mind and improving the quality of sleep.

Finally use a little more oil and massage it into your feet. Work up and down the instep to release tension from your spine, and across the soles of your feet to relax tension and help you feel grounded as you settle down to rest.

If you’re worried about getting oil on your bed linen you could sleep with cotton socks on which will also help keep your feet warm and draw tension from your head down into your lower body.

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