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Feedback/opinion on Service

Re The Summit on Service at Columbia University organized by Service Nation in which Presidential Candidates John Mc Cain and Barack Obama shared their views on service.

The debate brought back to me memories of collaborating with the Peace Corps in farflung and distant communities during my career at the United Nations.

Listening to the forum prompted me to make this post.

I would hope that   honoring those who served in the Peace Corps could be the subject of a future show (Larry King, Oprah, the Daily Show) and introduce the new concept of a global youth corps below.

Global Youth Corps for Sustainable Development –  mission  to have peace break out in the world.

I collaborated with the Peace Corps  during my career at the United Nations, and remember the energy and enthusiasm of those American youth, open to learning local languages, foods, culture, and sharing info about the USA with communities.

This prompted me to suggest to the presidential candidates during the primaries that they should consider having a platform on service and youth which would not be unidirectional, like the Peace Corps, but involve youth from around the world.

This Global Youth Corps would be multidirectional, where youth from each country, not only from USA, would traverse the globe armed with PCs/laptops,iPods… United Nations Instruments – like the Convention on the Climate Change, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Goals of the UN – Millennium Development Goal, etc…working on connecting, linking, cooperating.

A network of youth, exchanging skillsets, learning languages, music, appreciating and understanding cultural and behavioural practices and differences,  knowing that, though we live in different climes, and different lands, we are basically the same – human beings.

These differences can be made clearer when youth are grouped by eco-zone:  youth from mountains, small island states, deserts, forest environments, all having specific adaptive and cultural behaviors which disappear or metamorphose when thrown into foreign environments, usually the urban areas.  Now the world can benefit from the knowledge and efforts of these youth.

Global youth corps for sustainable development would be of value as the youth involved would become future leaders and their participation in this movement would help make the world a better place –  they would be in the drivers’ seats for the creation of a better world based on service

Hello to You World would be the goal as we connect, communicate to create a better world .  The project below is one way going forward


Dr Oz and anti-oxidants

Dr Oz, aging and “auntie oxidants”

When having a lemon and using it is a good thing…

Apples demonstrate the purpose of antioxidants. Source – Oprah.com; Muriella’s Corner online newsletter

Your change to a newer, healthier life starts in your refrigerator. The first thing you need in there is plenty of foods rich in antioxidants.

But what are antioxidants? Why are they so good for anti-aging?

To explain, Dr. Oz compares apples to apples—one half of this apple was sprinkled with lemon juice and the other was not. While the lemony half remains new and crisp-looking, the untreated half becomes brown and shriveled because of exposure to oxygen, also called oxidation. “The same thing happens to our skin, to our heart, to our eyes,” Dr. Oz says. “All of our bodies need to have the antioxidants.”

As their name implies, antioxidants do to your body what the lemon juice does to an apple—help prevent the damage caused by oxygen exposure.

While lemons do have some anti-aging benefits—similar to onions—Dr. Oz says there are several foods that are much more potent. Read More Here on Oprah.com

There is a lot of discussion on antioxidants, those rascal free radicals, alkaliniity, ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) etc., etc. David Wolfe (aka Mr Avocado) joins in throwing some light on these terms and issues and help us understand in more depth the importance of dealing with free radicals and of taking in antioxidants.

Read more about this in Muriella’s Corner

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