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Obama on Peace Corps

Given that I am tuned in and turned on to the creation of a Global Peace Corps, my sensitive ears caught the mention of the possible expansion of the Peace Corps during the second presidential debate.

There are so many young people working energetically during this unprecedented political process, as well as those around the globe following on their televisions, cell phones, laptops, the internet, that it would be effective and efficient for the United States to consider revisiting the existing, unidirectional Peace Corps, and promote the establishment of a Global, multidirectional, Peace or Youth Corps and leave PEACE FOOTPRINTS across the globe.

For example, youth from the USA could consider as usual spending time in any country – not only in the developing countries as is with the current Peace Corps, but in other countries in this globalizing world where issues are becoming broader than developing vs developed country challenges.

Moreover, disparities in the world should no longer be consider rural vs urban.  They should be looked at in terms of eco-zones where behaviours are culled depending on habitats – mountain, forests, deserts, plains, small island states – and because of the environmental challenges faced by theses ecozones, their people are descending on the urban areas in droves – urban areas which are becoming “more harmonious and sustainable” and which are acting like magnets for those from not necessarily the “rural” areas, but from these specific habitats with urban areas built in.

A dramatic example of challenges faced by people in the various ecozones was seen in 2007, where a pygmy chief from the forests in the Central African Republic and his posse descended on the World Bank to make a claim for people to stop cutting down the trees in his habitat.  Indigenous populations are most at risk when their habitats are attacked- some joint venture with logging companies click here

The US will not be alone in this –“Let us change the world, together” said Gordon Brown at the end of a riveting speech on globalization at the Clinton Global Initiative.


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CNN’s Asieh Namdar talks to an Iranian couple pedaling across the world to promote peace and environmental conservation. Their goal is to promote peace, protect the environment, connect with people along the way, be energized – as part of a greater message of love from Iran,

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