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Academy Awards type Gala for Education

Worthy Nation EIE Awards to be the Academy Awards for Education

The first Worthy Nation EIE Awards Gala to take place the Fall of 2008 in Las Vegas

Education is not just a school but a system and a set of social supportive mechanisms. “It takes a village” education to show the involvement of all who support the child in learning. Bruce Goldwell (Author and Producer) and Muriel Glasgow have embarked upon an International endeavor to ensure that this ‘village education’ is a global village whereby children all around the world can receive the best education available. Mr Goldwell and Ms Glasgow are creating a for-profit company called Worthy Nation to support a non-profit organization they are co-founding called the Worthy Nation Excellence in Education (EIE) Awards Foundation which equates to the academy awards for education.

Excellence in Education
Excellence in Education

Worthy Nation Awards for Education will be given at Worthy Nation EIE Award Galas annually, whereby 5-10 or more countries will be selected to receive the WNAE — Worthy Nation Award for Education. Read More Here

Geoffrey Canada on Education with Charlie Rose

Geoffrey Canada, President/CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone shared with us his successful educational and outreach programs in Harlem.

Mr Canada also made impassioned and articulate arguments about the state of education especially as it impacts poor children in America, and by implication, around the world.

He highlighted what I term the “betes rouges” eating at the fabric of education – for example, the force of the Unions, no merit/more pay, underperforming teachers embedded in the system, underpaid teachers also embedded in the system, the lengthy summer holidays, absence of a system of awards/rewards for performing teachers/principals, lack of competition for best and brightest…etc

Mr Canada’s comments are timely and resonate well with a recent report by UNESCO – Enhancing Learning, 2007 –how to enhance learning and critically examine which are the internal and external factors infl uencing the learning process.

According to some thirty experts from around the world including researchers, educators, educational planners, representatives of United Nations Agencies and selected overnment officials,

schools in many parts of the world are not responding adequately to the needs of their students.

Despite being in school, the report says, a large majority of learners do not acquire even minimal levels of learning and come out of school unprepared to integrate with the rapidly changing world. READ MORE HERE

In addition to Mr Canada’s Charter School methods, a quick Googling of technologies aimed at improving education shows that there are quite a few companies and educational institutions grappling with improving the learning environment for their students and teachers.

Of note is –SuperTeaching – breakthrough, whole-brain, accelerated learning system, designed to automate learning performance in a classroom setting.

SuperTeaching produces an educational “pattern roll” behind live instructors, and in distance learning, using three screens. The University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) owns the world wide master license for the Super Teaching Living Laboratory project to upgrade class rooms in private and public educational applications READ MORE HERE

See video for full excerpt of Charlie Rose interview with Geoffrey Canada

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