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World Malaria Day – the Sustainability Factor

Imagine a country that is malaria prone, but that begins to work toward the elimination of breeding grounds for mosquitoes, to establishing joint ventures with herbicide producing companies that produce pyrethrum, to growing chrysanthemums for beautifying the environment and extracting the herbicide, to treating clothes as well as bednets with the natural herbicide for sale in the countries…imagine what a world that would be – a world that creates other types of buzz, than the buzz of the female mosquito searching for food.
The Rockefeller Foundation began using pyrethrum sprays experimentally in India to great
success and this method of malaria control was recognised as enormously valuable. The use
of pyrethrum was then expanded to Assam by Dr. D. K. Viswanathan, the well known Indian malariologist in 1942.

Bednets are extremely important, but they are not sustainable as regards the local communities.  But, combined with a chrysanthemum planting movement, they would be…as the locals would be able to create and design their own clothing treated with the herbicide as well as their own bednets…

For every effort there has to be some thought to the sustainability of the effort, to what happens when the source dries up. Let us look back and learn, create a Mums for Malaria Movement to eliminate both poverty and malaria…what a concept!!


See comment below on Pyrethrum manufactured in the United States –

Mums for Malaria Movement

Mums for Malaria

Mums for Malaria

“If you would be happy for a lifetime, grow Chrysanthemums.” (a Chinese philosopher)

Planting chrysanthemums good for malaria, for the environment/planet, good for bringing in $$$ to local communities…

Issues of sustainability are critical in any project if we want really that the project has a longterm viability. Malaria No More is doing great work in spreading awareness about malaria and doing something about it by providing bednets.

While following the tweeters and mosquito bednets, I began to have flash backs to my days in the UN working in water and sanitation, organizing with communities in ridding their environment of puddles, old tires with stagnant water, and other places of mosquito breeding. Too much water can create too many disease problems.

Bednets are very important and every effort to rid the earth of this deadly scourge should be applauded. We also need to examine ways of making the efforts sustainable, for, as an old man told me when we were talking about using bednets – we need to have beds first…

In answer to the Bill Gates Foundation in which they were looking for ideas to Create New Tools to Accelerate the Eradication of Malaria. I submitted the idea of Growing Chrysanthemums to help accelerate the eradication of Malaria.

Of note, bednets are currently treated with either Permethrin & Pyrethrum Insecticides (One is a natural insecticide the other is syntheti)

Pyrethrum, natural pyrethrum or “insect powder” a natural insecticide made from the flowers of certain species of chrysanthemum. It is a mixture of several different compounds called pyrethrins and cinerins. Originally pyrethrum was made by grinding dried chrysanthemum flowers into a powder.

Today, pyrethrum is extracted from chrysanthemum plant material with solvents. Pyrethrum is still widely used today in household insect sprays where it is usually combined with another chemical “synergist” called piperonyl butoxide (PBO). PBO helps pyrethrum by enhancing its toxicity in insects. (source livingwithbugs)

The Rockefeller Foundation began using pyrethrum sprays experimentally in India to great
success and this method of malaria control was recognised as enormously valuable. The use
of pyrethrum was then expanded to Assam by Dr. D. K. Viswanathan, the well known Indian malariologist in 1942.

Beginning Earth Day 2009 and beyond we should start  a movement on the planting of chrysanthemums and the extracting of the inherent herbicide pyrethrum to treat the bednets, thus beautifying the environment, generating income, and treating bednets/malaria… MUMS FOR MALARIA

For every effort there has to be some thought to the sustainability of the effort, to what happens when the source dries up. Let us create a Mums for Malaria Movement

Sources: living with bugs, Glasgow submission to Gates Foundation

World Aids Day 2008

Lead – Empower – Deliver

This is the theme for World Aids Day 1 December 2008

Download wall chart

A global view of HIV infection –
Estimated adult HIV prevalence for countries in 2007


World AIDS Day originated 20 years ago at the 1988 World Summit of Ministers of Health on Programmes for AIDS Prevention. Since then, every year UN agencies, governments and all sectors of civil society worldwide join together to campaign around specific themes related to AIDS.

My hope is that 20 years from now we will no longer be “celebrating” the day as a call to action to do something but “celebrating” the fact that the scourge is no more, one less health challenge to be inherited by future generations.

Selection of photographs from 2008 Report on the global AIDS epidemic

Browse photographs as Flash photo gallery

Disclaimer: Photographs in this report do not necessarily represent the situation, opinions, or beliefs of the persons depicted, and in no way imply their HIV status.

Country: Senegal
Credit: UNAIDS/P.Virot

Country: Senegal
Credit: UNAIDS/P.Virot

Country: Russian Federation
Credit: UNAIDS/S.Drakborg

Country: Argentina
Credit: UNAIDS/ TangoPhoto /P.Carrera

Country: Morocco
Credit: UNAIDS/P.Virot

Country: Morocco
Credit: UNAIDS/P.Virot

Country: China
Credit: UNAIDS/ ILO/J.Maillard

Country: Ecuador
Credit: UNAIDS/P.Virot

Country: Malawi
Credit: UNAIDS/A.Gutman

Country: Senegal
Credit: UNAIDS/P.Virot

Country: Senegal

Credit: UNAIDS/P.Virot

Country: Mali
Credit: UNAIDS/P.Virot


Feedback/opinion on Service

Re The Summit on Service at Columbia University organized by Service Nation in which Presidential Candidates John Mc Cain and Barack Obama shared their views on service.

The debate brought back to me memories of collaborating with the Peace Corps in farflung and distant communities during my career at the United Nations.

Listening to the forum prompted me to make this post.

I would hope that   honoring those who served in the Peace Corps could be the subject of a future show (Larry King, Oprah, the Daily Show) and introduce the new concept of a global youth corps below.

Global Youth Corps for Sustainable Development –  mission  to have peace break out in the world.

I collaborated with the Peace Corps  during my career at the United Nations, and remember the energy and enthusiasm of those American youth, open to learning local languages, foods, culture, and sharing info about the USA with communities.

This prompted me to suggest to the presidential candidates during the primaries that they should consider having a platform on service and youth which would not be unidirectional, like the Peace Corps, but involve youth from around the world.

This Global Youth Corps would be multidirectional, where youth from each country, not only from USA, would traverse the globe armed with PCs/laptops,iPods… United Nations Instruments – like the Convention on the Climate Change, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Goals of the UN – Millennium Development Goal, etc…working on connecting, linking, cooperating.

A network of youth, exchanging skillsets, learning languages, music, appreciating and understanding cultural and behavioural practices and differences,  knowing that, though we live in different climes, and different lands, we are basically the same – human beings.

These differences can be made clearer when youth are grouped by eco-zone:  youth from mountains, small island states, deserts, forest environments, all having specific adaptive and cultural behaviors which disappear or metamorphose when thrown into foreign environments, usually the urban areas.  Now the world can benefit from the knowledge and efforts of these youth.

Global youth corps for sustainable development would be of value as the youth involved would become future leaders and their participation in this movement would help make the world a better place –  they would be in the drivers’ seats for the creation of a better world based on service

Hello to You World would be the goal as we connect, communicate to create a better world .  The project below is one way going forward


The Survival Project UNICEF CNN

26,000 and counting…

Source: UNICEF

CNN and Dr Sanjay Gupta are speaking out on the situation of children, exploring why 26,000 children die every day from preventable causes, and what UNICEF is doing to save young lives.

Hosted by CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “The Survival Project: One Child at a Time” is a one-hour historic broadcast examining what kind of action is required to stop the unnecessary deaths of children under age five.

Four areas were highlighted where UNICEF demonstrates its remarkable on-the-ground expertise in doing whatever it takes to save a child:

Ms Lucy Liu, Clay Aiken and other UNICEF Ambassadors, UNICEF Supporters like Al Roker, UNICEF Advocates like Ishmael former child soldier, shared their involvement with UNICEF and the condition of children in the different countries visited, highlighting the children’s struggles with diarrhoea, HIV/Aids, lack of adequate drinking water and sanitation, their daily struggles for income survival in war-torn countries and the roles they are forced to play at a young age to fend for their physical survival and that of their families.  For example, at times the children find themselves behind the gun to avoid being in front of the gun (child soldiers Sierra Leone) and sidestepping car bombs to sell gasoline (Iraq).

Listen to the  recent podcast with Ms Ann Veneman of UNICEF and United Nations Yak murieluniceff080221.mp3

Help UNICEF continue its work for children

Sign the pledge

Child Survival Project buttonGet involved in the fight for child survival by signing a personal pledge to help UNICEF do whatever it takes to save children’s lives.

Kampala, Uganda  – HELP THE


One Helping Another Around the World. Reaching out to the needy more so the helpless chirdren through sports, education outreach.

Academy Awards type Gala for Education

Worthy Nation EIE Awards to be the Academy Awards for Education

The first Worthy Nation EIE Awards Gala to take place the Fall of 2008 in Las Vegas

Education is not just a school but a system and a set of social supportive mechanisms. “It takes a village” education to show the involvement of all who support the child in learning. Bruce Goldwell (Author and Producer) and Muriel Glasgow have embarked upon an International endeavor to ensure that this ‘village education’ is a global village whereby children all around the world can receive the best education available. Mr Goldwell and Ms Glasgow are creating a for-profit company called Worthy Nation to support a non-profit organization they are co-founding called the Worthy Nation Excellence in Education (EIE) Awards Foundation which equates to the academy awards for education.

Excellence in Education
Excellence in Education

Worthy Nation Awards for Education will be given at Worthy Nation EIE Award Galas annually, whereby 5-10 or more countries will be selected to receive the WNAE — Worthy Nation Award for Education. Read More Here

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